........................ I am coming to the end of my first year of a three-year rotation, and, am the victim of a bulling consultant. After speaking with the college tutor he has told me that I should just grim and bear it for the remainder of my time, which, I think I can handle?
Obviously there is a certain amount of closing ranks, as they have to work alongside each other in the future. However, I am concerned that I will have a negative final appraisal form her (the bully), which will go on record. I mentioned this to the college tutor who assures me that the appraisal is only between the consultant, the hospital and me, and that it goes no further. However, I am not sure I can trust this. Other senior colleagues say I should take the matter further. Also, I have been advised that any bad report may travel with me to the next hospital on my rotation. I have also been warned not to rock the boat as this person has had complaints raised against her in the past and is expert in dealing with them., and that I should tread carefully. 
Does anyone have any experience of a similar situation, and can anyone advise/clarify the point on the appraisal for me? I would be eternally grateful. Many thanks in advance. 

-June 8, 2005 at 13:41:47 by Feel sick to my stomach-

If you feel that the College Tutor has not addressed the issue properly then go to the Post graduate Dean for advice. 

Follow the correct protocol as per the trust policy, probably available via the intranet. If your case is borne out by supporting evidence (and it is worth collating this, but beware of the data protection act re patient and staff information)then a correct dealing with a clinical governance issue would most likely play in your favour should it come out at interview or during application, though I would be tactful how this was dealt with on your CV.

-College Tutor-

Slander and Libel if proved may result in prosecution. 
This is a very difficult situation but you must think carefully about your career. It is probably wise not to explicitly confront the consultant concerned. Generally most consultants pull rank together especially if they have known each other for years, and this will make the situation worse. Unfortunately you are unlikely to win the argument even if the consultant is considered to be acting in an unreasonable/unfair way. He/she may also complain about you to the SpR,other SHOs, and nurses so be very careful about what you say. 

I would ask to be rotated to another consultant, or apply in earnest for another job....


I faced bullying from a male consultant and it has caused a lot of problem and it has become a black mark in my carrer.No consultant supported me,all of them were together.It was realy so unfair and I was bullied when i was so new to the job.still i am not able to get over it and it has reduced my self confidence very badly. some Consultants forget that once they had been juniors.

I too was bullied, by a man as it happens, and despite spending hundreds of pounds on legal advice still ended up with quite a serious black mark on my name. Two people in this string of answers are right: 1) do not hesitate to covertly record what happens to you, it is not illegal and it is incontrovertible evidence as these people have a nasty habit of lying. 2) That a lot of senior people in ophth are idiots but it is such a small community they soon tell each other about the 'bad apples' even if you are not one. What happened to Tom Chambers and the Junior Ophthalmologists Association or whatever!!! This is one for the JOA, is it not!? The BMA cannot speak for both us and our seniors so it is about time we had a proper junior doctors association. Incidentally there is an October seminar on bullying being held at the Royal College, if you can't be there send in your comments and experiences and let's hear what Mr Astbury/ Elisabeth Paice (London postgrad dean) has to say about it (probably nothing!!!)
-This is quite serious-

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