........................ I believe most interviews in this country is fixed. Like most of us who have as many qualifications as everyone else who seem to get the job, we're still "waiting for the shortlist"

- December 6, 2004 by Fixed

1. Yes some interviews are "fixed" particularly at consultant grade because the department want to appoint someone who will be a part of the team for the next 20 years so they don't want loose canons. However even if someone is "promised" a job - if on the day someone better turns up the best candidate will have to be appointed or there is a nasty legal case for the department to fight. 

2. Things have changed radically since 8 years ago. I was asked if I was pregnant at an interview at around that time. It wouldn't happen now..... or if it did then at least appropriate complaints procedures could be taken. 

3. Was Peter a better candidate? Had he got a stronger CV, did he interview better? The latter you obviously can't answer because you weren't there. 
I anticipate that you will now say that his father was a friend of one of the consultants. 

4. If you were in same position and had broken down on the motorway I think that you would think it only fair that the interview were delayed. In fact I think if there are exceptional circumstances than the interview committee are perfectly entitled to reschedule to be fair to everyone. 

5. Interviews often seem "fixed" to the poorer candidates. 

6. I have witnessed external candidates goading the local cndidate that it is "fixed" in the local candidates favour, just before the interview in the waiting room. This is evil and was done to intimidate the local candidate. 
I am sure it was done 
1. so that the local person would not perform so well and then maybe not get the job 
and 2. If the local person still got the job the externals could walk away and say it was fixed so they could still pretend they were the best.

- consider -

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