........................ I have an MA from Cambridge, MBBS UCL, part 1, 6 motnhs experience in a competitive dgh, 2 publications, A+Eand neuro and I'm not being shortlisted for the major rotations? I'm far better clinically than most of my peers who are on rotations. 
What am I doing wrong?

- posted December 7, 2004 at 22:13:39 by WHy AM I not getting shortlisted? -

Has anyone checked your CV? Is it presented well? 

Do you make it clear in your presentation that you fulfilll ALL the essential criteria in the person spec and some of the desirable? 

In the 4 lines that you have written you come across as an arrogant, self opinionated male with large chip on shoulder, who thinks the world owes him. 

I could be being extremely unfair - but that is how you are presenting yourself. This could be why you are not getting shortlisted. 

What about life outside ophthalmology? Outside interests mean rounded personality. Any evidence of being a "team player"? 

Think like a shortlisting panel and sell yourself appropriately.


Ophthalmology is competitive and if you want ophth you have to travel at junior levels and there are fnatastic rotations in this country. 


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