........................ Has anyone been a Clinical Observer at one of the teaching hospitals? If so, does it help secure a job? 
Does anyone work in a hospital where there is a clinical observer program? What is the background of these observers? 

- August 2, 2004 at 10:59:19 by Shaman

It is the same thing as a clinical attachment, is it not. As with doing a clinical attachment at any hospital, yes, if you have the credentials you may have a better chance of getting shortlisted for a job. I stress if you have the credentials, as they cannot shortlist someone if he is not up to the standard of the other applicants just because they have done a stint there. Does it secure you a job? No way. If it were that easy, life would be a peach. 

My hospital has regular people doing clinical attachments. They are all overseas doctors. The outcome is variable. Some go on to do a locum post elsewhere before securing a substantive post, others fall by the wayside, passing their exams, but never been sucessful at the shortlisted interview. 

You are unlikely to gain a teaching hosp post via this route. Normally, they would expect you to gain at least some experience in a DGH prior to considering you for a teaching hosp post. This is the same for both overseas and UK graduates, as would be expected. If however, you have a super cv, then I suppose anything is possible, but the competition is tough. 


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