........................ Been shortlisted for a SHO interview! What kinda questions are normally asked? Should I visit the Unit prior? 
August 5, 2004 at 19:23:19 by robin
You can probably predict most of the questions you will be asked actually, so I am not going to point out the obvious. Alot of interviews these days though ask a view unpredictable, tricky questions at the end or during the interview, which are there to see how you think on your feet. There are a long list of such questions on this site somewhere, if you can be bothered to go through them all to prepare for such eventualities. 

If the unit is not too far away, it does seem sensible to visit beforehand. You may appear ambivalent or worse still lazy if you do not. If it is not a reasonable distance for you, then at the very least make arrangements to look aroud on the day of your interview beforehand. However having said that, when I started out, I got my first job without looking around, so maybe it is not always crucial. Kate.

I agree that canvassing is a problem if the purpose is to gain unfair advantage, or for the department to have ask illegal questions such as family plans etc. 

I do not see candidates unless they are shortlisted, and will discuss only general issues with the candidates such as the amount of opportunities for research or surgery. 

I prefer for one of the SHOs in post to show the candidate around as they can speak more freely. 

It is rather a ritual as we all know that very few candidates drop out after seeing the unit, but nonetheless when candidates are very strong then that bit of extra commitment may give an edge. An alternative is to phone up the oncall SHO for a chat, almost all are willing to fill in the applicant. A Medline search of the research going on in a department is well worthwhile when applying for teaching hospital posts. 

- college tutor.

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