........................ I am starting PRHO year this august and definitely want to do ophthalmology. I have no publications as yet but was a runner up in my med school ophth prize. 
Therefore i think that obtaining the Part I is essential to land that first SHO post. Could successful forumites in this exam please some pointers as to how they cleared this exam ie what text books to use,revision courses,high yield topics etc General career advice would also be greatly appreciated 
- zumbi August 1, 2004 at 12:48:51 
This question has been answered so many time and to dead. I think it is also in the highlight of this site. Essentially get Ferris, Chua and Malhotra books and do all the mcqs, ask the college for past SAQs and syllabus and answered them all and pray hard that most of the questions will reappear. For career speak to the head of the department in your hospital or where you are hoping to apply.
- Kelvin

I agree with the sentiments expressed by Kelvin. 
Congratulations on your career choice. You can find all the answers to your questions on the FAQ link on this site. 
Pointers for your career; well it sounds like you have started well by achieving the Ophthalmolgy prize in your med school. If the hosp you are doing your JHO posts has an Ophth department, speak to one of the friendly consultants to express your interest. 
I think it is a good thing to do your Part 1 prior to your 1st SHO post, but it is not always necessary. Although it is such a competitive field, that it is almost considered an entrance exam these days. It is a good idea trying to gain SHO posts in A&E/Neurosurgery/Medicine after your JHO year as these are considered allied specialities, and therefore relevant. 
Enjoy your JHO year, but after that knuckle down and start preparing for your Part 1. The text most people use in Forrester. Apart from the 1st chapter (Anatomy and Embryology), it may all seem incomprehensible at first, but persevere with it, as I hate to admit it, but it is a great text, just badly presented. Accompany your work with lots of MCQs and you should be fine. There are no shortage of questions on this site, and there are plenty of MCQ books on the market as outolined by Kelvin. 
After that, you just have to try and get your foot in the door. Try and enhance your cv by doing audits while in A&E, Neuro which are relevant to Ophth. That's what I did, and I think that helped clinch me the shortlisting for my 1st Ophth interview. 
In general try and gear your cv towards Ophth, by going on courses relevant to Ophth, experience gained in Ophth so far eg you could say you are proficient at the slitlamp and dealing with basic eye emergencies after your A&E stint. I can think of lots of other ways you can put an Ophth spin on your cv, without having done any yet, but I will let you do some thinking for yourself! 

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