........................ 2 weeks left of my current SHO post and there is no job to go to. Help! I've been trying like mad go get a job,any job,with no luck.

- jonny July 19, 2004 at 18:22:55 

Have you spoken to your consultants they may be able to extend your contract. Alternatively, apply for locum SHO job in a good centre and hope that you get shortlisted when the job comes up.

C'mon, get yourself in gear. You should have signed up with some locum agencies as a back up. It does take some time to get all the paperwork etc sorted, and now you will have to wait a while for this to get sorted. 
There are still some SHO posts advertised, and you never know. 
Don't think of locumming as a bad situation to be in. If you are still keen in pursuing a career in ophth, then go down this route. I spoke to someone at a course who got his teaching hosp post by locumming there first. Game, set and match to him. 
If you are not bothered about continuing right through to cons level, then consider applying for the less competitive staff grade jobs. You do not always need to have completed your membership for this, but do need to have reasonable experience. Check the staff grade post is right for you, as they vary so much in their job descriptions, some offering no theatre sessions at all. 
Good luck, I am sure there are many who were in the same situation as you at one time or another, but lived to tell a tale. 
Whatever you do, don't leave gaps in your cv.
- Kate

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