........................ 6 weeks into my first ophth post, not even touhed a surgical instrument, is that normal?! arent i supposed to have done 50 within the first 6 months?! 

- J Johnny July 4, 2004 at 18:17:49 

Most unusual to have done 50 and also unusual to have done none. The following explanations may apply: 
a. Your consultant is incompetent or too nervous to let any new SHO perform the operation. What is his or her complication rate? 
b. You do not appear to be keen. You turn up late for the ward round and did not bother to consent the patient and see the postop patient. 
If the explanation is a. then you just have to wait until you move to a better and more competent consultant to get a chance for operation. No all consultants are the same in term of teaching, skills and nerve. If the explanation is b. Then turn up early preferably 30 minutes before the consultants check that all patients for operation on the day have been consented and blood tests normal and no conjunctivitis or contraindications. Get to scrub up before your consultant and start cleaning the patient's eye and possibly put the drap on before the consultant finished his scrubbing. Most consultants will feel obliged to let you do something if you are keen. Make sure you see all the postoperative patients and report any complications sooner rather than later like wound leak etc. 

It's supposed to be 50 in the first 2 years not 6 months. 

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