........................ I am currently doing a SHO job in neurosurgery. Failed my MRCOphth and can't get a job in eyes. Really desperate.

 - jamie June 19, 2004 at 11:42:20 

You need to keep studying for the exam. Do not give up after one attempt. Many people fail the exam. Only those who persist succeed in this field. 
Why not visit the eye dept in your hospital on your afternoons off and become familiar with the instruments, examination techniques, etc. If you find someone eager to teach become involved in an audit as well. Your CV will improve considerably and so will your chances of being shortlisted. 
The extra effort is certainly worth it !

- Try this.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going...


Did you get short-listed at all? or didn't get the job after the interview. There is a great difference. While it is important to pass your exam, you need to have a strong CV too to get a job. I know a number of people around with part 1 but could not get a job and some manage to get jobs without part 1. Looking at the CVs of the applicants recently, I notice a great number of candidates have CVs which put the final year registars and several consultants to shame as their CVs were not half as 'exciting' when they apply for jobs. If you have been shortlisted for jobs then it means your CV will eventually get you a job. If you have not been shortlisted you need to get somebody to look at it.

- Cheer up!

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